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2013 Atlanta 3-Day - Pit Stop 4

Posted by LeAnne Bright on August 26, 2014 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Updates coming soon!:)

Atlanta 3-Day Event 2012

Posted by LeAnne Bright on October 22, 2012 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The weather could not have been better :) for the weekend.  We had our usual Thursday crew meeting at the opening ceremony site @ Stone Mountain...getting to see everyone again was great, it was like there hadnt been a year of time that had past us by and we had two "newbies" join us this year (Stephanie and Janet).  We met with our 3 Day Pit Leader - Dane, saw our Pit leader Michelle from last year :D.  We watched Stephanie and Janet learn how to put up/take down the Western tents that we would be using all weekend.  After all of the meetings we all went to the van and decorated it and then off to the host hotel and dinner.

Ok, without sounding like a broken record...heres the "short" version - the next 3 mornings were the same - get up really early (4-4:30) grab a quick breakfast and off to our Pit site and put up the 3 tents, mix drinks, cut up fruit and wait on the walkers...tear down the pit, go to Starbucks and then go to the "Lunch Pit" to have lunch and then help them out so that they could eat.  Oh yea, those that may not have crewed before....Starbucks is a "must" on Pit Stop 1 - everyone must have their coffee fix before moving on to the next task ;)

This year went really, really smooth...almost boring and I mean that in the best of ways.  We didnt have our Captain (Lucy) pop out her hip having to go to the hospital,,,borrowing crew members to help us out the next two mornings while missing two of our leaders.  Plus, we had a FANTASTIC medical crew that would arrive early to set up the site and stayed to help break down our Pit and load it up before they would move to the next Pits to help out the other Medical teams.

The camp was at the World Congress Center again this truly makes a world of difference not having to worry about the outside temps, walking to the porta potties in the middle of the night.  We enjoyed great meals...ok, better than expected meals and great entertainment...with dancers, an all breast cancer survivor “Shades of Pink” Choir and PowerTap cloggers. The Youth Corps gave a moving tribute to their family and friends and some of the team danced the night away at the dance party!  Me? Well, I went to the Rememberance tent....had my moment and walked the "Tent city" taking pictures of the decorated tents and then off the bed I went.  Closing ceremonies was once again at Turner field and they changed things up a bit in how the walkers/crew were placed in the stage area.  

As always, it was a very emotional event with the "Highs/Lows"...getting to see fantastic women and men coming together to find an end to this killer...I've signed up once again to crew in 2013.  So, I hope you will take a moment and make a donation to my efforts.  

Pit Stop 1 and Medical Crew

Atlanta 3-Day Event 2011

Posted by LeAnne Bright on November 9, 2011 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

After waking in 2009 and missing the Washington DC event due to illness....I'M BACK ON THE CREW :-) with Pit Stop 1!  Although there were several new faces for me to get to was like slipping on your fav pair of jeans...very comfortable.  The opening ceremonies were being held at Stone Mtn. and closing ceremonies at Turner field, both locations new to me.  

The crew is required to attend a meeting Thursday to go over all of the rules and such and for the "new" crew memebers learning how to put the western tents and such.  Our host hotel was at Perimter Mall, we had dinner at Jason's Deli and off to bed we went.  We were up early, just like years past on the Pit 1 crew and we were able to get our Pit up in no time....this year we had a hand from a great guy name "Tony" a firefighter who was part of the Pit 1 Medical team.  Tony and his team were very personalble and energetic, nothing like the medical teams of the past who come in after the Pit is up and leave before we pull it down.  Day 1 started off great....everything clicking like it should.  And then it happened, no one could forsee it...Lucy (our captain) turned to get a gallon of water for the walkers and her hip pops out.  I'm in the "Food" tent when the ambulance arrives...none of us are sure whats going on until we see Lucy on the cart being wheeled off.  Barry informs all of us what has happened and he goes with Lucy to the hospital.  What is normally a very exciting time after completing the first day...this day was a bit somber.  Not knowing how Lucy was doing...would she be back?  Now, remember I said in years past the Medical team would hit the road after the Pit closed.  Not this year,  Tony and his crew pitched in and helped break down the Pit and Tony drove the Pit Truck that Barry was driving.  After everything was closed up, we kept up with Lucy's tradition of hitting a Starbucks for coffee or in my case hot chocolate.  We then left to help out the lunch pit and then went to the World Congress Center to set up Camp.  

Camp would be different for me this year as it was running out in the night dew and cold temps to go to the restrooms.  Although the floor was much harder than the ground to sleep was really nice to have a flushing toilet.  The shower trucks were even a little different this year as each shower stall had its own changing area instead of a wooden bench the length of the truck with hooks on the wall for everyone to change in the open.  Everyone set up their tents, had dinner waited on Barry to call with news of how Lucy was doing.

Day 2 we had a couple of girls help us that were from the dinner crew, we did a repeat of day 1 minus the accident ;)  They got a quick hands on lesson on how to put up a Pit in the dark and did really well.  I must say, that as a team we did a great job in getting things done while our fearless leader and hubby were away.  Lucy did come by Saturday night to see us and stated she would be there with us at closing ceremonies...hip brace and all!!

Closing ceremonies were held at Turner was nice, but, just not the same as Piedmont Park.  The closing ceremony was very emotional again for me...I guess it always will be until we find a cure for this cancer.  IF you ever have the chance....sign up to walk or crew...I promise it will change your life...atleast for 3 days :-)

Pit Stop 1 with Lucy at closing ceremonies

2009 Denver 3 Day event

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Denver 3 Day event - 700+ walkers, over 2 million dollars raised!!!


Words can't describe how I felt this year to be able to "walk" the streets of my Grandmothers home town...and to do it in her memory.  The whole weekend was very emotional for me...the ups/downs...being able to share this experience not only with my Aunt and cousin at closing, but, the whole weekend with a fellow crew member from last year (Renn, her first experience as a walker).

It all began with an emotional Opening Ceremony at Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood. We traveled through many quaint neighborhoods and parks, where we were supported along the way by the community through Lakewood and Denver. The sun shone throughout the day, as we enjoyed majestic mountain and city views. We stopped to put on fun costumes and take photos in the photo booth at Pit Stop Three, and even had a visit from the Energizer Bunny at Pit Stop Four. We ended the day by being cheered into camp by the Columbine High School Cheerleaders, who also helped carry our gear and set up our tents. That night, we were entertained at the camp show by the Columbine High School Dance Team, the Dancing Divas, and of course the 3-Day Rock Star Karaoke contestants.


Saturday's 19.2-mile journey began with a view of hot air balloons flying over the mountains, and the sun shining brightly. We were given a nice morning pick-me-up as McDonald's was outside handing out coffee and tea. As we traveled the neighborhoods, trails and parks of Littleton and Centennial, we had many people from the community cheering us along the way. We were cheered into Pit Stop Two by the Arapahoe High School Cheerleaders, and took photos in front of the pirate ice sculpture. As we walked through Historic Downtown Littleton near the end of the day, we were serenaded by “Elvis” then greeted by the Energizer Bunny again at Pit Stop Four. After a glorious sunset over the mountains at camp, we got our groove on at the dance party.


Our final day began with a quick bus ride to Littleton High School, and then a walk through the beautiful Cherry Hills Village neighborhood. It was chilly and cloudy, but we were in good spirits. We were cheered on by family and friends as we walked through the Denver University Campus, and rested for lunch at Denver’s historic South High School. After stopping to smell the flowers at Pit Stop Three in Alamo Placita Park, we continued towards downtown Denver along the Cherry Creek Bike Trail. Before reaching the home stretch, we rested in the heart of Denver at Pit Stop Four in Civic Center Park, where the Denver Art Museum, City Hall and the Colorado State Capitol Building surrounded us. After a 16.2-mile day, we celebrated the end of our journey with a joyous Closing Ceremony at City Park with views of the Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains over City Park Lake.

2008 Atl. 3 Day Event

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Way to Go Atlanta!!!! Atlanta walkers and crew members (3900 people) were able to raise 8.2 million dollars in the fight against Breast Cancer


I'm sitting at my computer one week after the walk with a cold, knowing that I need to get all my thoughts together and post them for you.


First, I want to thank all of you who made a donation and also those who supported me guys rock!


Now for a recap of the weekend from a crew person's perspective (mine).:


We arrived Thursday at North Point Mall for our training and found that a lot of the meetings had been moved inside due the cold wind that was trying to lift all of the tents off of the ground! What was suppose to be a 4 hour day going over rules and such seemed to last forever. We had 5 new team members (Dena, Marsha, Barb, Ellen and Paul) on our team this year who had never crewed so I knew it would be a "exciting" weekend ahead for all us. The "Newbies" did well learning how to place up the large western tent that is used in our Pit Stop. We all received our I.D.s for the event and two crew shirts...why just 2 when its a 3 day event, I'll never know!!! We finished up our day at Chili's for dinner and off to the hotel where we would have to get up a 4am to head off to our location for Pit 1.



Day 1, we woke to rain and proceeded to have to work in it all day. We arrived at our Pit 1 location at 5am and put up our 3 tents and then broke off into groups to make gatorade or cut fruit. I was in the "kitchen" along with Rhen, Paullin, Ellen and Debby. We cut up for the walkers: 4 cases of bagels, 3 cases of bananas and two cases of oranges. Once the fresh food was cut we then had to open several cases of nuts, chips, granola bars, cheese and PB &J sandwiches to place on our tables. The others were in the "Drink" tent making 90 gallons of gatorade...we were ready for the walkers by 7:45. Once the last walker came through, we broke down our Pit and then had lunch. We were then asked to go the "Lunch" Pit stop to help them out. At lunch we helped with the unloading of their truck of food, made more gatorade, hot coco for the wakers and also emptied the many bags of trash. Again doing all of this in the rain....the walkers were coming up with some great ideas of keeping the feet dry with bagies and such....some were even trying to eat lunch under the semi truck that we were unloading to stay dry. We found out that at the end of the day we would not be spending the night in a tent on wet grounds but, instead would be placed in a large warehouse/office building. Needless to say it was not a pleasant night sleep with all of the different tones of snoring going on....we were up by 4:30 to start our new day on Saturday.


Day 2: Repeat of day one minus the rain! With a day under everyones belt we had the Pit set up in no time. The Newbies were doing great and everyone was working hard together...not an easy task when you think of 11 different personalities/opinions that come together for 3 days. My camera froze up( I think the rain from the day before got to it) and I had to buy disposable ones after we finished with the Pit 1 duities. We were once again sent to the "Lunch" Pit to help out....they ended up losing several of their team members the night before - I assume that the rain and crowds got to them. Once the Lunch team had things under control we were off to find a location where we could cheer the walkers on along the road - we cheered for about an 1 1/2 hours and then off to camp we went. I had the help of a gentleman named "Don" to pitch my tent After throwing my gear into the tent and changing shoes...I hooked up with my friends from team "Rack Pak" and ate dinner and hung out for a while. I headed for the showers at 8:30...I was lucky that the lines were down to nothing and I was in/out in 30 minutes. I made a trip to the "little girls" room before heading back to the tent, hoping that I would'nt have to get up during the middle of the night. No luck for me, I made 3 more trips through the wet grass/mud to the porta-potties and could not get warm enough in my tent through the night. We had to be up by 3:30 for Sunday....


Day 3: the alarm went off at 3:30...I really didnt need it as my last trip to the "little girls" room was at 2:45 and then the dogs from the local neighborhood started howling at 3 am. I changed clothes, packed up my bags and then proceeded to tear down my tent and roll it up. Remember I'm doing all of this is in the dark with nothing but a "head lamp" to work with. We went through our morning drill of setting everything up and the walkers were brought to the stop by bus. The morning was really windy and I ended up with a "wind burn" on my face at the end of the day. After all of the walkers were gone we tore down the Pit for the last time...said our good-byes to Megan ( our crew staff ) and we went to Five Guys for lunch instead of eating the camp lunches that were prepared for us. We got to the holding area around 2:15 and cheered that walkers as they came in. We were all in the holding area until 5 and then proceeded to the closing ceremonies that were held in the Georgia World Congress Center.


The 3 Day event has added Denver to their list of cities for 2009. I have signed up to walk in Denver (8/09) as this is the home town of my Grandmother and I just feel I need to walk the Denver streets for her. 


2007 Atl. 3 Day Event

Posted by LeAnne Bright on October 11, 2007 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The 3 Day event as a Crew member


My perspective:

My 2007 Atlanta 3-Day kicked off on Thursday morning around 9:30 meeting up with our team Capt. Lucy and her husband Barry along with a fellow team member Debby to travel down the site of the opening ceremonies. All Crewmembers were required to attend the meeting that would be working the event over the weekend. We received our "Crew" shirts and went through several training classes and meetings on how to handle different areas of the event. After all of the meetings the team set off to decorate the team van and had a "fun" time painting the windows. We finished up around 5:30 and then headed back to the hotel to "freshen up" and meet for dinner.


Day 1: We were in bed by 10:30 and up at 4am on Friday morning.... Our team wouldn’t be able to attend opening ceremonies, as we had to set up the first Pit stop for the walkers. J We arrived at our area at 5:30 and met our "3 Day official" - Megan and proceeded to unload the "can" of all the equipment that would need to be set up. Once we had all the tents up and tables in place, Lucy assigned everyone an area to work in....we needed to mix 80 gallons of Gatorade, cut many, many cases of bananas, oranges and bagels and set out the packaged snacks. Let me remind you that most of this is done in the dark with everyone wearing flashlights on their heads to be able to see. Everything was set up and ready by 8 am after that Margie, Rhen, Debby and I set off to the front entrance of the Pit stop to greet the walkers and the others were at different stations manning the foods & fluids. As the walkers entered the area, Margie, Rhen and I gave out magnets (business card size) that were designed & purchased by the team to show our appreciation for each of the walkers and the commitment that they made to fight breast cancer. It was fast and furious for about 90 minutes with the last walker coming through around 9:30. There was no rest for the team as we now had to break down everything that we had just put up 4 hours earlier and place it in back in the can. The team had "lunch" at 11:30, made a fast "Starbucks" run and then headed off to help Pit Stop 5 arriving at 1. We cheered the walkers on as they finished their first 20+ miles and boarded buses to head back to camp. By the time our team arrived back to camp (around 7) I was sunburned and hoarse. We set off to the back of "Tent City" to the crew area and found our bags and tents and proceeded to make our home for the weekend. Another crewmember was kind enough to help me set up my tent as I was struggling with the poles. Some of team hit the showers, but, I chose to wait to take one in the morning….I didn’t want to go to bed with a wet head. Remember we have no electricity for hair dryers!! I headed off with Vivian to eat dinner and we hooked up with Margie to enjoy the entertainment for the evening. I was in bed by lights out (9pm) only to have to get up 90 minutes later to go to the little girls room half way across the camp site and in the dark!!! This repeated several times through out my short night as I got up at 3:45 to hit the showers for Day 2.


Day 2: The showers weren’t supposed to be on until 4am, but when I heard the generators kick on at 3:45 I got up and why not? I hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep after drinking so much water the day before!! I know I was in that shower for at least 30 minutes allowing the hot water warm my cold and aching body. After making myself get out, I headed over to the Food tent for a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, oatmeal, hashbrowns, bacon and a biscuit all washed down with a hot chocolate that turned cold quickly and of course my coke. Before meeting the team @ 5:30 at the van, I filled my water bottle, but, swore off drinking as much as I did the day before as I needed a good night of sleep. The team did a repeat of day one…. setting up, mixing, cutting, preparing the site for the walkers. Margie and I handed out "foot" stickers for the walkers name badges and Debby manned the "counter" making sure that we had the a good count of how many walkers passed through the Pit stop. We were becoming pros at knocking down the site and loading it in to the can, finishing up around 11. After lunch we headed off the Pit Stop 2 to help them load their can....they were surprised at how fast we were able to load it for them. Once that was done we found a spot along the route around 1pm and made our own little cheering section for the walkers as the passed by. We headed back to camp around 5:30, got cleaned up and once again cheered for the walkers at the entrance of camp until the last walker made it home around 7:00 with the escort of the safety/road team. We ate dinner and enjoyed the entertainment once again until "lights out".





Day 3 and Closing ceremonies


The last day…we were up at 3:30, packing our bag and breaking down our tent taking both to the loading vans. We ate a quick breakfast and were on the road by 4:30. We had very little time to set up our site this morning, as all of the walkers would be bussed to the Pit Stop around 7am. Margie and I did our best in handing out the stickers to the walkers as they got off the buses and Debby’s thumb never worked so fast ;-). I saw many feet and few faces as they were coming in quickly J to our humble Pit Stop. I think Sunday morning was the coldest for me as my fingers had a hard time with the cold stickers and had many name badges waiting on me patiently. The walkers were told that they would have to stay at our pit stop until the sun was up and the skies were light…some grumbled and heard may cheers when they took off around 7:45 for their last 15 miles. We broke down the Pit Stop around 11pm and said our "good-byes" to Megan and thanked her for all her great help and companionship over the last 4 days. We ate our lunch and then set off to find a "Car Wash", as the van had to be clean of all paint when we turned it in. We arrived at Piedmont Park around 2:30 and cheered many of the walkers as they came across the finish line. At 3:00 the crew had to gather for a meeting, afterwards we hung out in the "holding area" until 4:30 when the "Crew" was led out to the closing ceremonies. We lined up along the path and cheered once again for the walkers as they came in. When giving many a "high five" for their accomplishment, a few would hold my hand tight and say a tearful "Thank You" for what we as "Crew" had done for them.


Once again the closing ceremonies were great…I just can’t put into words the mixed feelings I have as the weekend came to a close…. The happiness of meeting old friends from years past, making new ones…The sadness and grief of why we all were here…And the hope that one day we would be victorious in our fight to "Strike Out" Breast cancer once and for all.


2007 was my third year participating with the Breast Cancer 3 day, my first as a crewmember. I’ve been asked which is more difficult and I must say that working as part of the "Crew" is a much longer day and harder on the body. You don’t get to see all of the great sites of the route or hear the cheers of the supporters at "Cheering Stations" as the walkers do. But, you do get the chance to support those thousands of walkers each morning, meet them in the evening, learn why they are there, share each others stories as to why the 3 Day means so much to you. And when one or more of those walkers that you’ve welcomed every morning comes to you with a "Thank You" at the events close, your heart fills with just as much joy, pride and accomplishment as if you had walked the 60 miles too. Walkers & Crew come together as One "warrior" each year and I have to say that regardless of which side of that fence I am on I will continue to do my part in the fight against breast cancer.





2006 Atlanta 3 Day event

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Three Days through Atlanta '06

My perspective:


This year with the temps. lower, I finished the walk with just 3 blisters and no troubles with the heat/road rash on my legs :-). I once again met some really great people and was not alone on the walk even though I had signed up as a "single" walker.


Below is a really great recap of our walk...although the weekend called for temps. to be in the 50's at night, our first night it dropped below 35 and needless to say I froze. Why, you may ask? Well, since I'm such a "hot blooded" gal, I brought a fleece blanket instead of a sleeping bag to save room in my pack. I struggled with the zipper on my tent most of the night when I needed to make 'trips" to the little girls room due to it freezing on the zipper track. Of course with no insulation to keep warm, I wasnt able to get a good nights rest.


The second night I was "rescued" by Andrew of the staff as he had heard of my 1st night and offered up his blanket for the night. It did wonders to have a good nights rest:-). At the end of the second day there were rumors of rain coming in, so, everyone scrambled to place their tarps on the tents...most looking for an extra tarp, plastic or clothes pins. I had a tarp, but, did need to borrow clothes pins. I made my last trip to the rest room around 1 am and heard the rain on the tent around 2...whew, just made it and slept soundly until 6:30!!!! I only dealt with the rain in the morning while packing and closing down my tent site. By the time breakfast was over the rain had fizzled to a drizzle and we were off for the last 15 miles of our walk.


If you ever have the chance to sign up for the walk...Do'll never regret it :-)





The 2006 Walk Recap:

The Atlanta Breast Cancer 3-Day took place October 20-22. It all started with an emotional opening ceremony at North Point Mall, before walkers started the first day of their 3-Day journey which took them through the picturesque community of Alpharetta. Throughout the day the event created a media frenzy. During Opening Ceremonies, TV and radio stations did live reporting. Local media followed the walkers throughout day one including a TV helicopter flying overhead. After lunch at Windward Lake Club walkers enjoyed the beauty of the spectacular homes surrounding the lake. At the end of the day they arrived at Rogers Bridge Park, their home away from home. Despite sore muscles and blisters the participants provided the entertainment by singing karaoke.

On Day Two, walkers woke up to frost on their tents as temperatures had dropped during the night. The route took the walkers through the communities of Duluth and Norcross. The route was lined with trees showing a hint of fall colors. After returning to Rogers Bridge Park they enjoyed foot massages, yoga, reading mail from family and friends and the nightly entertainment provided by Disco Inferno.


The event would not have been possible without the volunteer crew. In addition to putting in endless hours of hard work, they cheered on the walkers. The pit stops, grab and go’s, lunch stop and camp were festively decorated including a Mardi Bras theme in the dining area in camp and a pirate themed lunch stop. On Saturday a football themed sweep van gave the walkers updates on college football scores. The community also came out in full force to cheer on the walkers. They passed out candy, stickers, flags, wands and lots of hugs. The route was lined with pink balloons, pink ribbons and signs. Children (including school kids dressed in pink) came out to cheer on and “high five” the walkers. The fireman from the fire stations along the route came out to cheer on the walkers.


Saturday night, the rain started to fall. By the time the walkers started the last day of their 3-Day journey the rain let up and the cloudy skies provided another great day of walking weather. Day Three's route took walkers through Buckhead where they enjoyed the area’s magnificent homes and Atlanta’s best shopping. As walkers completed their sixty-mile journey they walked through the historic and scenic Piedmont Park. The Closing Ceremonies celebrated our commitment to making a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

2005 3 Day Walk

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Three Days through Atlanta '05 - My perspective

The 3-Day event was the hardest, yet most fulfilling, spritual weekend that I have ever experienced.


It was very hard trying to find the words that would express the feelings/emotions I had this weekend with my loved ones. As many of you know, I walked in memory of Leah Young - My Grandmother. I also walked for those that you honored by giving support. Between the emotional highs of the cheering sections, the pain and agony of the blisters, tender ankle...Not knowing if I had the strenght to carry on.....I met so many wonderful women and men(walkers, crew, survivors), learning the reasons for their journey..... its an experience that is really hard to put in words with all of the different emotions that ran through me during the course of 3 days.


Here's a hint.....Two days after coming home, still unable to walk without a limp, losing my left big toenail and two blisters the size of silver dollars on each foot healing - I signed up to do the walk again for 2006!!!!

Tom was one of several who I met along the 60 miles and his story inspired me to continue on when I felt that I couldnt take another step. Below is Tom's letter that he left on the 3-Day Message boards for "all" of the Atlanta walk - I wanted to share his story with all of my supporters ...



Tom's letter after the 3-Day

"Humbled, Honored, and Forever Changed! I will never forget the experience as long as I have a breath left in my body. As a spouse of a stage 4 cancer warrior, I was walking to honor my wife. I was totally unprepared for the laundry list of emotions that I would encounter along the journey.


First and foremost, I greatly underestimated the difficulty of walking 60 miles. At mile 17 on the first day, I was rudely made aware of that point as I barely made it. My knees blew up, shin splints on both shins, and MANY blisters. (Ended up with 13 open blisters) I hobbled to the park with the aid of a big stick! The pain I encountered the rest of the event gave me only a small taste of the daily pain my beautiful wife tolerates. I hobbled around like a man with Parkinson's disease for the remainder of the event. I came away with an even deeper respect for the pain that my wife (Lisa) and all cancer warriors battle through every day. Most of the time quietly and with so much dignity and grace.


Thank you Shawn, Derek and the countless other angels who encouraged me as I hobbled down the road. I would have never made it without the tremendous outpouring of kindness and support from SO many. This was a common theme through out the 3-Day. Love was everywhere! It tears my eyes as I type. In this fast paced somewhat callous world, there were 2800 people (not leaving out the tremendous Crew!) who bonded together and poured out so much love and affection. It forced me to reflect on how I should conduct my life every day. This disease takes so much from victims and family members. It wears you down and fills you with so much anger at times. The past three days filled that hole in my heart and soul. I am better equipped to help my Wife and Son through this journey.


I was so humbled and honored when asked to raise the flag at the closing ceremony (Thank you Jane Cox). It was a perfect ending to an incredible life-changing weekend. As the flag slid up that pole, I felt Gods presence. It has been a long time since I could honestly say that."




The 2005 Walk Recap:

It all began with Opening Ceremonies at Northlake Mall. The weather was on our side, providing us with a lovely cool morning. There were many highlights along the route, including the singing safety man at pit stop 2, the clowns handing out tickets for portable toilets, and the Mardi Gras check-in team that greeted us at Camp One. We ended our 22-mile day at the beautiful South Eastern Athletic Complex.

On Day Two, the route wound through rural roads and neighborhoods, and proved to us that Atlanta is not flat! We were forever on the lookout for Coco the pink monkey! We basked in the cheers of girl scouts, families and loved ones as we passed through the Village of Stone Mountain. Then we enjoyed a tea party with the ladies of pit stop 2 (cheers for the cheerleaders from Henry County High School!) After 23.7 miles of walking we finally rolled into Camp 2 at Georgia Perimeter College. Somehow, weary walkers still found the energy to dance the night away to the sound of the Muddy Sandals Band.




Day Three began with a beautiful walk through Decatur, and we saw some amazing homes in Druid Hills. The day wrapped up with a walk along the lake, over a bridge, honored by the cheers of friends and family. Closing Ceremonies at Piedmont Park were truly memorable and inspiring.


Did you know that on the Atlanta 3-Day we will approximately use/consume the following?


-5,000 gallons of water

-650 portable toilets

-16,000 Pria bars

-3,200 gallons of Endurance Sports Drink

-10,000 bananas

-5,000 oranges